Super Powers: Super Vision
Enables him to see beyond the problem and design a solution.

Superhero Computer Dude

Secret Identity: Michael J. Galvin

Like any great superhero, the Superhero Computer Dude masquerades as mild mannered computer store owner, Michael J. Galvin. When called upon, however, he springs into action, saving the day. The leader of SenseForce, he will call in the other members of the team as necessary to solve the problem. Sometimes computer problems can seem insurmountable but the Super Hero Computer Dude quickly cuts them down to size.

The Co-owner and Director of Sales, Michael J. Galvin has been professionally involved in the high tech industry since 1986, and has worked in the manufacturing and distribution levels, along with local end-user sales. Joining Computer Sense in 1996 he managed the corporate and commercial sales accounts, eventually taking over most of the day to day duties of the store. This experience lead to his partnering with Jeff Allaire to buy-out the company in 2007.

Super Powers: Stealth
Fixes problems quietly in the background so efficiently that you don’t even know he was there.

The Computer Ninja

Secret Identity: Jeffrey Allaire

The Computer Ninja works with stealth and daring. Often unseen he prowls the network seeking out and fixing problems, often before you even know you have one. Not as flashing or flamboyant as the Superhero Computer Dude (no cape), he silently melts back into the shadows, leaving no trace of his presence.

Co-owner and Director of Technical Services, Jeffrey Allaire first joined Computer Sense as a Co-op student at sixteen years of age. This experience lead to him completing his studies at St. Lawrence College, where he graduated as an Electronics Engineering Technician. He continued to work at Computer Sense until 2007 when he, along with Michael J. Galvin, bought the company.

Super Powers: The Hammer
Can take apart almost anything (and then put it back together).

The Fixer

Secret Identity: Richard Martel

The Fixer is the hardware specialist of SenseForce. Using The Hammer he is able to take apart almost anything, figure out the problem and then put the parts all back together (usually without any extra parts left over). No problem is too big or too small for The Fixer!

Richard Martel is the Service Manager of Computer Sense (Cornwall) and has been with the company since 1994 . His is responsible for the management of the Service Department and also the maintenance and scheduling of our service contracts, including Dell, Lenovo, and Apple. Richard studied at St. Lawrence College in the Electronics Engineering Technician and has the Dell Certified System Expert designation.

Super Powers: Supercharged Cranium
Programming and network expert.

Dr. Zed

Secret Identity: Sebastien Menard

Dr. Zed is the computer super genius of SenseForce. Fueled by a secret concoction of Skittles and Tim Horton’s Apple Cider he has an unlimited ability to navigate the complex inner workings of the computer and software. Linux, Windows and Mac OS are no match for his superior skills and tenacious nature. He can even resurrect data back from the dead, performing feats of genius in recovering lost and damaged data.

Sebastien Menard is a programmer by trade and is the software and network expert at Computer Sense. He has wide experience in both the PC desktop operating systems and network operating systems, including Linux. He is also an expert in the Apple desktop and tablet OS’s.

Super Powers: Mystical Sharp Pencils
Always ready to mark down the prices. Protecting the Citizens of Cornwall from high prices.

Max Savings

Secret Identity: Don Fobert

Max Savings is the champion of the people, constantly striving to get the customers of Computer Sense the very best prices for the very best computers and accessories. With his mystical pencils that are always sharp he slashes the prices so that you get the best price.